Green Building

While planning the Hogi One Office Tower we have given our utmost attention to energy-efficient and green building concepts.

Architectural and functional plans are based on sustainable construction principles that lower maintenance costs and improve the standard of living of inhabitants and visitors alike. These principles include:

Water conservation and sewage recycling

Air conditioners’ waste water is to be collected and conserved. This water is used to irrigate roof gardens and green areas. Special pipes throughout the building convey it to central tanks on the roof of the planned commercial compound.

Sanitary and sewage components are equipped with high quality ‘Blue Ribbon’ water conservation devices.

An efficient drain system retains rain water and conveys it to natural aquifers.

Energy efficiency

Construction materials and systems to be used in construction are rigorously selected to ensure high energy efficiency, low overall maintenance costs and reduced consumption of electricity throughout the building’s public and private spaces.

In order to ensure a high standard of sustainability and energy conservation, several architectural and technical features are incorporated:

Customized climate control systems regulate the usage of electrical power to fit actual needs and current weather conditions.

Low-energy, efficient lighting of public spaces, advanced environment-conscious fixtures and custom control systems ensure that lighting is used appropriately.

Innovative and insulated surfaces save energy expenses by improving climate control efficiency.

Green roofing technology for better insulation and comfortable living.

Construction materials for the Hogi One Office Tower structure are meticulously chosen according to energy and environmental design standards and guidelines. We refrain from using materials with harmful VOC (volatile organic components) content and use of partly or fully recycled materials whenever it is possible.

The Hogi One Office Tower has unique structural design which include outdoor spaces, terraces and roof decks for comfort, quality of life and thermal efficiency.

Waste management plans focus on recycling and allow tenants to sort their waste according to current regulations.